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Ben Cartwright

Digital Marketing

I’ve spent my entire career in sales and marketing and I’ve never been more excited by the possibilities in digital marketing. I specialise in digital marketing and what I love most about it is the ability to track everything about every campaign. You can make a small investment in a test campaign and analyse the results. But what’s even better is that everything is scalable, so if your test works, if you invest 5 times more you will generate 5 times more sales, 10 times more, 10 times more sales. What’s not to love?


Ruth McKay

Marketing Director

I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across the UK to increase their marketing and sales. My passion is working with businesses to find their most profitable customers, develop a brand and message that grabs the attention of their customers and inspires them. I love the challenge that marketing presents, and the opportunities it creates. For many businesses’ success, is simply a case of getting their brand and product out to their customers. Luckily this is the area of marketing I specialise in.


Graeme Milton

Digital Marketing

I head up the digital marketing strategy and implementation for our clients and am responsible for overseeing results and campaign improvement. I’m also the companies Google AdWords Certified Professional, Google Analytics Certified Specialist and general Facebook Ads guru. I’m deeply competitive and that motivates me to constantly improve our client’s campaigns and increase their return on investment.


Brian Mackenzie

Creative Director

It’s design, logos and images that get me excited. For the past twenty years I’ve been crafting and delivering logos, brands and images that attract, engage and thrill your customers. In those years I’ve watched us become a society that trades and communicates in images. I can’t believe that 20 years after leaving art college, I am still doing something I genuinely love.


Juan Sanchez Amador

Web Developer

I’m the newest member of the Uniq team and I develop websites for our clients. I have always been passionate about coding and web development and I love that I have a job that I genuinely enjoy. I take great pride in seeing a website take shape and I love the diversity in development – everything from developing stunning visuals to bespoke back end functionality. No two websites are ever the same and solving the challenges thrown up by each site is so rewarding.


Nicola Hambleton

Marketing Assistant

I help with client delivery which means I get to work across all areas of the business. This means every day is different. In fact every minute of every day is different, and I love the fact that I do not have to do the same thing every day. It’s great to see how all the different elements of a marketing campaign are delivered in a cohesive way that really sells for the customer and being involved in all of them means I feel I have made a real contribution to each and every campaign


Jacob Anderson

Trainee Web Developer


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