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The secret to a powerful brand and marketing materials? Eye catching, inspiring design and consistency.

We’ll design, create and deliver your new, eye-catching and inspiring brand across a range of marketing materials and your website.

  • Logo design
  • Brand design and development
  • Website design
  • Stationary
  • Brochures
  • Signage

From creation to delivery we’ll take care of it for you.

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Create an online buying experience that keeps your customers buying and coming back for more.

We’ll not only build your website, we’ll design it, produce the copy for it, and source the images. From start to finish we’ll create a website that keeps them buying.

  • Website production
  • Website mapping
  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Images
  • Support and hosting

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  • Now you’ve got your fantastic new brand how will you promote it?
  • Got a brilliant new website but how will you drive traffic to it?
  • Stunning new images and a story you want to share – but how?

At Uniq we don’t just design, create and deliver stunning images and powerful websites, we market them so you increase your sales and marketing results. How do we do that?

By increasing your online presence and sales as well as managing your offline marketing. We take care of it all.

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Google Business View

We were Scotland’s first award winning Google photographer hired by Google to deliver their new Google Places service.

Create your own Google Street View in your business. Allow customers to wander remotely through your business and experience it before they have even set foot in the door. Google Places photography will:

  • Significantly increase your online presence
  • Increase your online enquiries and bookings
  • Increase your credibility and stand out from your competition

Google Places is perfect for:

  • Photography
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Guest House
  • Car dealerships
  • Golf courses
  • Companies promoting
    themselves online and
    on local searches

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40% of customers buy with their eyes. Would they buy from you?

Product Photography

We live in a visual age where customers buy with their eyes. Your images and marketing have to create desire, excitement and feed their aspiration. That’s what we capture, that’s what we deliver, that’s what will sell you.

Your Photo Narrative

The most powerful photographs are the ones that tell a story. Stories create an emotional connection with your audience. Compelling, convincing and captivating stories are what your customers relate to, trust and engage with. Your story gives people a reason to care about what you’re saying and care about your business.

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