Project Description

keith gunn keith gunn

Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions are an Edinburgh based electrical contractor, who specialise in chandelier installation

48k 48k

searched for KGES services

3000 3000

potential customers have visited the website page

£19k £19k

new leads have been generated

The campaign

The purpose of the campaign was to increase the number of enquiries in 3 key areas, general electrical, landlords and electric gates installation and repair.

The secondary goals were to reach a new and larger audience of potential buyers and to increase Keith Gunn’s brand awareness.

To achieve these goals, we created a number of Google AdWords campaigns targeting affluent couples and families in the Edinburgh area. We developed and tested a range of AdWords adverts based on keyword research and developed dynamic landing pages (i.e. the title of the page matches the search term entered by the customer) promoting the 3 services.

“UNIQ have more than doubled our inbound web enquiries. This has enabled us to grow our business and realise new opportunities. We are delighted with the service and the results”

challenges challenges*

The challenge with this campaign was to attract quality leads.

In this instance this meant generating leads and enquiries for larger more profitable work. We did this by targeting specific keywords, the services we advertised on the landing page as well as the quality of their marketing. They now receive regular ongoing enquiries and sales from their digital marketing campaign. They have also as a result repositioned themselves in the marketplace and the minds of their customers.

results results*

Over a 10 month period…

  • We had 48k serached for KGES services
  • 3,000 potential customers have visited the website page
  • 291 new leads have been generated
  • Cost per sale £15.91
  • Average lifetime value per customer – £1,453

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