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Glencairn properties build, design and sell stylish city centre properties in Edinburgh offering all the benefits of living in the city in a beautiful home.

442 442

new leads

3 of 4 3 of 4

houses sold

£300k £300k

average sale value

The campaign

The purpose of the campaign was to increase the number of viewings of Glencairn’s latest property project, Craigmount Avenue. The secondary goals were to reach a new and larger audience of potential buyers and to increase Glencairn’s brand awareness.

To achieve these goals, we created a Facebook advertising campaign targeting affluent couples and families in the Edinburgh area. We designed and created a range of Facebook adverts, a website landingpage promoting Craigmount Avenue.

We also created a downloadable brochure which enabled us to capture the email addresses of potential buyers. We complimented the Facebook advertising with boosted Facebook posts. Currently we are marketing the opening of the show home to our Facebook audience, as well as every potential customer who has downloaded the Craigmount Ave brochure. We are also emailing everyone who has given their email address.

challenges challenges*

The main challenge with this campaign was to keep the Facebook audience engaged and interested.

Marketing the opening of the show home was key to this.

results results*

Over a 4 month period…

  • We generated 4,639 website visitors
  • Reached an audience of over 32,000 potential buyers
  • 442 leads generated in only 4 months
  • Sold 3 of the 4 houses as a direct result of the campaign
  • Avg. sale price £300,000

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