Brand and sales message development

What is it?

Your brand message is a summary of what you offer as a business, to whom and the benefits. It includes your key marketing messages, your unique selling point, a summary of your services and the solutions you offer your customers. It has to be succinct, grab your customers’ attention and set you apart from your competition.

It is the basis of your website, your content marketing, social media and advertising. It has to be tailored to your ideal customer and be consistently delivered.

How does it increase my sales?

  • A clear and succinct sales message that resonates with your ideal customer.
  • A unique selling point that sets you apart from your competition.

  • Ensures your marketing message is consistent across all of your platforms and marketing.

  • Enables your ideal customer to identify and engage with you.

  • Stimulates desire in potential customers to buy from you.

  • Determines the most effective format of delivering your brand message.

Questions we can answer.
Problems we can solve.

  • Identifying who your ideal customer is.
  • Working out what your unique selling point is.
  • Where the gap in your market is.

  • What are the key messages that will resonate with your ideal customer.

  • How to create a marketing message that sets you apart from your competition.

  • How to communicate your sales story.


Development of overarching company brand message including:

  • Key brand messages.
  • Your company brand story.

  • Unique Selling Point description.

  • 60 Second ‘elevator’ pitch.

  • Examples of adverts and the application of your brand message.

Create a brand message that resonates and attracts your ideal customer

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